Frequently Asked Questions

There is absolutely no fee for our program. We have no hidden costs or surprises. There are no design fees, no setup costs, no shipping costs, and no printing costs. We assume all expenses for each program.
No, there is no minimum order required.
There is no minimum amount of sales required. You only pay us for the cards you sell.
The cards are good for 12 months from the issue date unless you specify otherwise.
There are 20 businesses on all our cards.
We secure all merchants and offers for you. If you choose, you can supply us with a list of your favorite merchants and we will contact them for you. There is no guarantee on what merchants will participate on the card as the decision is entirely up to the merchant. ALL PHONE CALLS TO MERCHANTS OFFERING DISCOUNTS TO YOUR ORGANIZATION ARE RECORDED BY THE BOOSTER CLUB CARD FOR VERIFICATION AND ACCURACY PURPOSES.
Yes, we guarantee that all businesses will be in your community or town.
We always secure a wide variety of businesses to participate on the card. Some of the merchants we seek to include are restaurants, pizza parlors, icecream shops, dry cleaners, flower shops, auto repair shops, sporting goods stores, fast food restaurants, donut shops/bakeries, clothing/shoe stores, hardware stores, hair salons, nail salons, car washes, delis, sandwich shops, landscapers and more.
The discounts offered on the cards will be entirely up to the merchant and what they want to offer. If they ask us, we recommend a minimum of 10% off or a buy 1 get 1 free offer. The offers will vary by the merchant.
No, we do not have any businesses that are signed on with us. We customize each program for each organization. This is how we can guarantee that all businesses will be in your community or town.
No, there is no fee for the merchants. We list the name of the business and the offer free of charge to the merchant.
If you sell all of the cards and need more, just call us and we will be more than happy to reorder more for you.
It generally takes 3 to 5 weeks for us to develop a program and for you to receive the cards.
You make up to 90% profit per card sold depending on which program you choose.