Jeff Dominick
Glastonbury High School Lacrosse Coach

Glastonbury High School Lacrosse/Glastonbury Youth Lacrosse Club

Dear fellow prospective patrons, Both the Glastonbury High School Lacrosse program and the Glastonbury Youth Lacrosse Club are proud patrons of the Booster Club Card Program with TJ and his staff. This current season is our 3rd card campaign, out of the past 4 years, using their program. In summary, the Booster Card is a resounding success for our program, the community, and all of our supporters. Not just monetarily for our two organizations, as we have reached the point where people in our town look forward to receiving the opportunity to purchase the cards. The vendor discounts offered have been quite popular and many people are excited to have them for another year. Hence, while the economics of course benefit us, we feel like we are offering a value-add to the people in our community. TJ and his staff are phenomenal to work with. Organized, extremely accurate, punctual, and professional, they make the process quite seamless for us, which is a key reason why we continue to turn to them for our fundraising efforts. We would be happy to speak with anyone or their organization to share our success stories with this product.  

Joaquin Bustamante Jr.

Mount Dora Pop Warner Youth Football & Cheer

On behalf of the Mount Dora Hurricanes Pop Warner Football and Cheer organization, had the pleasure of working with T.J. through the Booster Club Card for the very first time for the 2017 season. Booster Club Card has provided a successful and profitable fundraising four our organization, in being able to have a banquet and to be able to purchase trophies for our football and cheer kids. Last year our organization was unable to provide a banquet or trophies. I’m honored and proud to say that without Booster Club Card our organization would have another year without a banquet, but with their generosity and understanding to help us that was not the case for us this year. The customizing of our cards with the business around the various communities, was such a hit with our families that we can’t wait to start planning for our 2018 season with T.J. and all the great staff for Booster Club Card!

Julie Heaydon
​​Development & Events Coordinator / Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

TJ and the Booster Club Card Team were very professional to work with. Everything was done in a timely manner and we are loving the Booster Club Card and all of its benefits. Thank you TJ and The Booster Club Card Staff!!!

Jeff Scheffert
President-Northern Arizona Youth Sports / Northern Arizona Youth Sports

Bad News for You Bears Baseball Club

To TJ and all Booster Club Card staff, On behalf of our organization, Northern Arizona Youth Sports, we would like to thank you very much for the great service we received from your company. The cards not only look amazing but were put together with local businesses that serve our community and shipped to us very quickly so we could start selling them right away. We haven’t received any problems from businesses not allowing the cards and I have heard bad stories from other companies that make community discount cards with businesses not being notified they were being used. That is definitely not the case here and we appreciate it! We will definitely be using your company in 2018 when we add more baseball teams and have more kids to sell them. Thanks again

Hitmen Football and Cheer

Hitmen Football and Cheer

To whom it may concern: We decided to use discount cards as our fundraiser for our 2017 Fall Youth Football and Cheer season. We researched a lot of companies and the Booster Club Card seemed to be a perfect fit. They had multiple options available to choose from. We started off with a higher profit option and ran out of cards and had to order more. We decided to go with a lower risk option for our second order that allowed us to return any unsold cards. That made it so much easier for us to decide on if we should “risk” ordering more cards because there was no risk. TJ also allowed us to alter our due dates to fit with our season turn in dates better. We opted for a $10 card and still received 20+ business discounts. We have been sold $20 discount cards by other organizations that didn’t even come close to offering the discounts on these cards. This made them super easy to sell! We were so pleased that we referred a local youth baseball organization to the Booster Club Card. They are very happy as well and we even purchased a few of their cards because the discounts were so different from ours. We are in a small town and the Booster Club Card managed to find enough businesses to make the second organizations card different from ours so we were not competing for sales. We will be using the Booster Club Card for many seasons to come!

Terry Barnum

Sharon Grid Iron Club

The Booster Club Card has been providing the Sharon Grid Iron Club cards for the past seven years. We moved away from another vendor at that time because we expected and found that Booster Club provided us with a less complicated program with much better service and reliability, and a superior card that increased our success. Booster Club Card provides us a great looking card that focuses on businesses in our town that are most used by those we sell to in the community. These two things make it easier to sell the card and raise the funds we need to support our football program. Further, if you use them, Booster Club Card provides you with ideas and suggestions in order to make your efforts more successful and profitable. These are based on their long experience and those that have been successfully used by other organizations. We have experienced one issue with Booster Club Card in the past seven years when the printer of the card made a mistake. On contacting Booster Club Card, the problem was corrected immediately with no questions asked. New cards were printed the same day and shipped over night. In summary, Booster Club Card is a company that is easy to work with, reliable, responsive to your needs, and provides an exceptional card. We will continue to use Booster Club Card as they have become a key element in our fund raising.

Andrew Lynch

Alderwood Little League

To: Booster Club Card Inc. Thank you for your hard work on our cards this year it was a great success and we are now switching it to our yearly fundraiser for Alderwood Little League. The deals Booster club found were great and provided us a no brainer value to our families. Thanks again and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Andrew Lynch

Coral Springs Chargers

To The Booster Club Card Inc: It’s been a pleasure working with TJ, Jon & Company; they have gone above and beyond my expectations. This was our first experience working with The Booster Club Card and the customer service they have provided was excellent! I highly recommend any sports club or school to join, you will not be disappointed. We look forward to working with The Booster Club Card next year and years to come!

Patrick Zweifel
Head Coach Tillamook High School Track Coach / Tillamook High School

Tillamook High School Track and Cross Country

  To Whom It May Concern: My name is Patrick Zweifel and I am the head Cross Country and Track Coach for the Tillamook High School in Tillamook Oregon. This was our first year working with TJ and his staff at the Booster Club Card Inc. I was very pleased with their service, product and attention to detail regarding our High School Track Program. "The booster Club Card" got right on our project and got it done quickly. They contacted the right businesses and got more signed up for than I could have hoped for. I recommend them for any organization looking for a discount card". Thank you so much TJ and the Booster Club Card staff!

Andre Clarizio
Booster President / Hoover Football Club

Hoover Football Club

To: Booster Club Card (BCC) Re: Thank You for a great fundraiser This was our first time doing a card type fundraiser. With my busy schedule of coaching, acting as Booster President, working my day job, and dealing with life, BCC made it simple and effective. TJ always responded quickly and walked us through the process. He was very pleasant and understanding to work with. BCC did exactly as you said and did all the leg work from finding the business as well as designing the card. All we had to do was sell the cards!! We had ZERO issues! Thank you to everyone at Booster Club Card for being part of our successful fundraising for this season. I would definitely recommend your services to any organization that needs a quick and easy way to raise funds and will definitely use you in the future. Thank you from HOOVER FOOTBALL!! Regards, Andre Clarizio Booster President

Addie McHenry
Sponsorship Coordinator / Medford National Little League

Medford National Little League

February 3rd, 2016 To whom it may concern, It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I share my experience with you about Booster Club Card. For a number of years our Little League's main fundraiser has been a hit-A-Thin, but last year we decided to do something different as the Hit-A-Thon was just not bringing in the fundraising money that we needed to keep things going. I came across Booster Club Card and decided to go with them as it was something different and looked like our league would raise more money this way. Booster Club Card was very easy to work with and communicate with. At the end of our fundraiser we had more than doubled the money that we had raised in previous years with the Hit-A-Thon and we are looking forward to another year with Booster Club Card for the 2016 season. Sincerely, Addie McHenry

Thousand Oaks High School Boys Soccer

04/11/2016 Dear Booster Club Card: Thank you for your great service to us here at Thousand Oaks High School Boys Soccer. You did everything you said you were going to do and then some. We had an impossible time line on getting our cards and selling our cards and I only wish we had more time to sell more cards. You and your team got us the cards in record time and we will definitely use your company next season for our discount card sales. Thanks again for your help and if you want to use us as a reference please feel free to do so. Sincerely, Randy Work Thousand Oaks High School Boys Soccer

Cathy Anthony

Florence Township Soccer Association

03/08/2016 Re: Booster Club Card This is the second year that the Florence Township Soccer Association has participated in the Booster Card fundraiser for our travel teams. So far, we have been pleased with the profits and our sales. There are a wide variety of offers with good discounts making the cards super easy to sell. The card pays for itself after just a couple of uses. T.J. and Tom has been over the top helpful with all aspects of the process and is super easy to work with! We'll be back in 2017! Cathy Anthony President Florence Township Soccer Association

Jim DiTulio
Health and PE Teacher / New Hope-Solebury School District

New Hope-Solebury School District

Tom, I am writing this letter to thank you for an excellent fundraiser. I would recommend the Booster Club Card to any team or organization. I was totally satisfied with the Booster Club Card and the service that you provided for us during the 3 month period of selling the cards. From the very first call that I made to you through to the last one about returning any unsold cards, you were there for me all the way. I was completely impressed by how you went to work immediatly trying to find participating businesses in the area during the busy holiday season. You were able to help me design our card and provided 21 excellent sponsors to help with our fundraiser. Our small team of 30 players was able to sell 294 cards during the 3 month period, raising $5,889 dollars and profiting $3,528. We are already excited about participating next year. We would like to expand the participating businesses so that we can sell more cards to people living outside of our town. Thanks again for making this an excellent way for us to fundraise for our football program. Sincerely, Jim DiTulio Health and Physical Education Teacher 215-862-8026 ext. 1169

Leanne Pate
MDCS Parent/Educator Partnership Chair

MDCS Parent/Educator Partnership

Tom Gity, President Booster Club Card 427 Williston Way Pawtucket RI 02861   Tom Gity and the Booster Club Card has been such a blessing to our organization! The discount cards are our biggest fundraiser, and he makes it so easy. The quality and design of the cards are awesome. Tom goes out of his way to ensure that all the merchants are local and the discounts are awesome. He remembers us and our needs every year. Though we are a tiny school in the mountains of North Carolina, Tom makes us feel like we are one of his biggest clients. We look forward to a long future fundraising with Tom and the Booster Club Card!!   Leanne Pate   ~ MDCS Parent/Educator Partnership Chair

Rodney Lossow
Youth Sports Coach / Minneapolis Longfellow Park

Minneapolis Longfellow Park

Booster Club Card ROCKS!!!!!   I have been coaching for 20 plus years in Minneapolis. We have not had a lot of success with fundraising until now! A Successful Fundraiser for the teams that I've coached has been around $200 profit. With the Booster Club Card we were able to make 5 times that amount!! The card was easy to sell and the company did all of the work! The discounts on the card were outstanding. We had one person use the card at a local vendor and the person checking her out bought her card from her because it was such a good deal! I feel that we could have done even better if I would have contacted Booster Club Card earlier in the season. We plan on doing this fundraiser again. Thanks Booster Club Card!   Sincerely,   Rodney Lossow Youth Sports Coach Minneapolis Longfellow Park

Phil Albert

Norwood Little League

To whom it may concern. After reviewing various fundraising programs Norwood Little League decided to go with one of the various “sponsor card” programs that are available. Upon reviewing several different companies we decided on the “Booster Club Card”. One of the primary reasons we choose this program was due to the fact that there are no national chain affiliations and the only business and services being offered are local to our community. This decision was clearly a win/win it allowed us to promote the cards as supporting local business and the local businesses knew they were supporting the children of our community. Many business owners commented that they had new customers come in because they were supporting our program. In the 2 years we have been using the card as our primary fundraiser we have raised well over $6,000 which helps offset the tremendous costs with running our program. I would recommend the “Booster Club Card” to any organization looking for a fun and creative fundraising opportunity.   Sincerely Phil Albert President, Norwood Little League.

Mike Settle
Volunteer Director Sponsorship / GHBL

Gainesville Haymarket Baseball League

Mr. Gity: I want to personally thank you for everything you do! The Booster Club Card was everything we could have asked for and your execution, delivery, assistance and follow up were perfect. Prospective Booster Club Card Customer: I took over as the Director of Sponsorship for GHBL and immediately began brainstorming ideas for how to increase the leagues sponsors/fund raising (and their associated dollars) to improve our league. After considerable thought we devised a 3-prong sponsorship/fund raising approach and one of those prongs was using The Booster Club Card! We quickly ditched the old “raffle ticket” approach because frankly on the winners benefit and we looking for a way to provide value to everyone. The Booster Club Card provided precisely the avenue we were looking for. There are several things that separate The Booster Club Card from other discount cards out there. The first one is it is 100% customized for your local area! This is a HUGE benefit to anyone purchasing the cards because it is filled with outstanding places to use it (and see benefit from it) and it’s 100% local. The other difference is Tom Gity. Tom is tremendous to work with, he works with you to customize your card to your local area, he works with you to ensure you get precisely what you want, he provides on-going support throughout the program and his follow up is outstanding. So what’s the proof?, was it easy?, how did it work for you? was it successful? what kind of money did it raise?…all questions you are likely asking yourself, right? Here’s the Proof: GHBL has roughly 900 players and in our very first year using The Booster Club Card we were able to generate profit to the league of nearly $13,000!  That’s to our league after everything! This program is helping GHBL to continue to keep our registration costs the lowest in our area (DC Metro) while making significant improvements to the league and our facilities. We are entering our second year with The Booster Club Card as part of our sponsorship/fund raising program at GHBL and we are absolutely looking forward to continuing to work with Mr. Gity. Respectfully, Mike Settle GHBL Volunteer Director Sponsorship

Brian Vossen
Head Football Coach / Lakeville North High School

Lakeville North High School

Tom and the Booster Club Card Company, Thank you for creating the best discount card our program has ever had. I was nervous working with a company that was not based here in Minnesota, but you guys were available anytime I called or emailed. It was great to work with a company that gave us the freedom to work with the companies that already sponsor our program. We have had issues in the past where our sponsors were never contacted to be on the card, but you guys reached out to every single one we provided. Plus, you found restaurants and businesses that we were never able to get on our discount card before. Our community loves the card and we sold almost every single one we ordered the first night we went out. Demand for the cards was so high we had to order more from you guys. Coaching a football program as large as Lakeville North can be a challenge. Fundraising has become a major part of the job and without the ability to get a quality discount card we would not be able to operate the way we would like to. We are fortunate to get a lot of community support and a lot of people buy the card regardless of what is on it. This year people are thanking us for the great deals we have on the card. More people than ever before are reaching out and requesting one because they weren’t home when the boys went door to door. We are having a second blitz night for the first time every to make sure everyone in the community gets a chance to buy one. You guys are a class act company that does it the right way. I look forward to working with you in the future and you have my word I will share your information with my entire conference. Sincerely, Brian Vossen Head Football Coach Lakeville North High School Lakeville, MN

Christine Zona

New Milford PTO

The New Milford CT PTO has been selling the Booster Club cards for a few years to help fund our high school scholarship fund. Tom and TJ have been great to work with and are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Our PTO enjoys selling the cards as they support our local businesses and pay for themselves after just a couple of uses. The New Milford PTO will continue this fundraiser for years to come.   Christine Zona NMPTO

Dave Hall

Perrysburg High School Athletics

To Whom it May Concern; I am the Head Coach at Perrysburg High School in Perrysburg, Ohio. I have been coaching for 36 years and the Booster Club Card is the easiest fundraiser we have ever done. I am always cautious when using companies I do not know but I have been very happy with working with TJ Gity Jr and his staff. They were easy to work with and we had our cards in less than a week. Our parents liked the idea of being able to use the card at their favorite businesses over and over for the year. The Booster Club Card gets businesses that you provide names for and do a great job of getting a nice selection of establishments on the card. If you have wanted to do a fundraiser-this is the one to do.   Dave Hall

Paul F Habina

Woodbridge Little League

July 24, 2013 TO: Booster Club Card SUBJECT: Testimonial Dear Sirs, Please feel free to use our organization name and contact info as testimonial for your services. The Woodbridge Little League chose Booster Club Card as our fundraising source for the 2013 season. Although we made the decision to do this at the last minute, we felt that cooperation to get this up and running went very smoothly, and went very well. Woodrbridge Little League is planning on working with Booster Club Card again for our upcoming 2014 season, and feel that with even more advance planning, we will have even more success in the upcoming season.   Thank you, Paul F. Habina 703-402-0630

Jeffrey Waxman

Sharon Lacrosse Association, Inc.

Sharon Lacrosse Association, Inc. December 11, 2012 The Booster Club Card Tom Gity, President Pawtucket, RI   Dear Tom, Thank you so much for your help with our 2012 Sharon Youth Lacrosse fund raising efforts!  Your partnership was instrumental in helping us meet some of our financial goals for 2012 including the support and maintenance of our spring season! The program made sense and helped us to organize the Sharon Youth Lacrosse community to achieve the common goal of support and maintenance of our program. You made the process easy by customizing our card with the vendors we thought would have the most impact for the usefulness of the card! You were great at sharing with me other programs “best practices” in how they market the cards to their community and as result we will be now making the card a part of our registration package! Thanks again and we look forward to a long partnership as we continue to build our program!   Sincerely,   Jeffrey Waxman Vice President Sharon Lacrosse Association,  Inc.  

Camden Wyoming Little League
Fundraising Chair / Camden Wyoming Little League

Camden Wyoming Little League

www.CamdenWyomingLittleLeague.com I would like to share my appreciation and gratitude for the Booster Club Card. This was our first year using a discount card fundraiser and we got so lucky finding the Booster Club Card. The Booster Club Card worked with us to pick out the companies that we wanted on our card. And they did all the calling for us. Everyone at Booster Club Card made this program incredibly easy to use as our fundraiser. They gave our Little League awesome suggestions on how to make this fundraiser work. They also worked with us to determine how many cards we would need, and how to get the most profit out of the cards. We received our cards in record time and, in just one short week using this program, our league made more than $6000. The fact that we could make that much money with no upfront costs and no risk is amazing!!! What I like best about this company is their willingness to provide suggestions and advice to make this a very easy, very lucrative fundraiser. We will definitely use the Booster Club Card again! Cary Knight Fundraising Chair Camden Wyoming Little League

Nikki M
Fundraiser / New Milford Bulls

New Milford Bulls

January 1, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: Our organization has had the pleasure of working with Tom Gity and T.J. Gity Jr. through the Booster Club Card for many years. Booster Club Card has provided a successful and profitable fundraising tool for our organization. Tom and T.J. Gity and Booster Club Card produce a high quality product and superior customer service. If you are looking for a quick, easy, and effective way to raise funds for your organization Booster Club Card is the way to go!   Nikki M (Fundraiser) New Milford Bulls  

Del Mar Body Surfing Club

"Many thanks to TJ and Tom of Booster Club Card for their efforts and professionalism to handle our account for the Del Mar Body Surfing Club. The Cards were beautiful and well designed and all of my member and supporters loved them! I recommend Booster Club Card and their services to anyone and everyone." Vince Askey - DMBC